Thursday, September 29, 2011

Living Room Makeover

The home makeover crew arrived on Saturday for a long-anticipated facelift of the living room and back yard.  This crew may seem motley with just a doctor and a housewife team but don't be fooled, they are creative, hard-working, and thorough--boy are they thorough!  Their drive to bring joy to others and to improve whatever it is they set their hands at are a powerful combination.  In short, my in-laws are amazing.  So please, enjoy the fruits of our (and most significantly their) labor.

It's a little hard to see the color in this first picture.  It's a light teal-grey color.  Think of the relaxing color you might find in a spa or waiting room for a massage.  That might be right if you have the same imagination as me.  If you don't recall, it used to be a boring beige that just muted the fireplace.

We did a little rearranging as well.  You can also see our new "game table" in the back.   This one show the color pretty well, although it's obviously a little lighter when natural light streams in.  Any ideas for curtains??  (something fairly casual that can be drawn completely to block out drafts in winter would be ideal).

We moved the reading nook to be more cozy by the fireplace and also function as an additional chair to the main sitting when we have lots of people over.

 By moving the side table from behind the couch (in front of the big wall) we made a little display place with a neat Italian painting.  The accessorizing needs some work...