Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Son the Plumber

A few days ago I heard a little commotion in our bathroom and went to see what was the cause. Allow me to paint the scene for you:

I could see the profile of a chubby little boy looking very proud of the toilet plunger that he had sneakily managed to get (it's one of the disallowed items in our is the bathroom, actually) as he tried to climb into the stand up shower with it. About half-way into the shower, however, he just about lost his balance causing him to bend over at the waist, giving me a nice view of his little "plumber's" backside. All the while he never let go of the plunger.

I don't think he got disciplined for either offense this time because I couldn't stop laughing. At least I managed to leave the room without him seeing me. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ice Cream Junkie

I think I have just proven to myself that I am an ice cream addict with no self-control (although I was rather impressed with myself during helps when you don't have any sweets to eat in the house). They say one sign of an alcoholic is if they start their drinks before noon. Ice cream just seems like it would follow a similar "rule", doesn't it?

Today, at 11:00 AM I looked into my freezer and saw Twix Triple Chocolate and Mint Cookies and Cream. My brain thought, "but Amy, it's not even noon yet! You really shouldn't. That's what addicts do." And yet, to borrow from Paul, I did what I did not want to do. Although, if I'm , I really wanted to eat the ice cream. The struggle was only in principle. So, I scooped that rich chocolate ice cream into a bowl--a small bowl my pride must interject--and enjoyed the delights of ice cream before noon. Yes, that's symptomatic of a junkie. I am no longer in denial. I am a bona fide ice cream addict.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sprite and Ham?

I scored my ten pound ham--my free ham, I must proudly add, poured Sprite and orange juice over it, and pressed brown sugar onto the surface. Then I put it in the oven for 2 1/2 hours and ignored it. Took it out to slice it. And yum. "Yum," that's exactly what Dominic said about it. Everyone else that we had over seems to have liked it too. You could have been there, counted among my guests, eating sweet juicy ham, cheesy scalloped potatoes, broccoslaw salad (I can't take any credit for making that), and scrumptous dessert... Yes, this is raw bribery, if you come visit us, I'll make you food that makes you say, "yum."

Now that I've discovered a new use for Sprite (or ginger ale, as the recipe originally called for), I'm thinking about trying other sodas in cooking. I've heard that Coca-Cola makes a great meat tenderizer in a marinade. Maybe I'll try that for my next cooking adventure. Maybe when you come.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Proof: Mischief Runs Deep

I think that those of you who have been following the blog since the entry "Lessons from Maestro Dominic" about his computer manipulation tactics will appreciate these photos where he is caught in action and reprimanded (as you can see by the second, oh-so-pathetic face). How appropriate that he's in his jail baby pajamas!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

And then I lost them all

Today ranks just shy of miraculous.

First I found a pacifier under the couch, the couch I look under almost daily for little books, big books, and TV remotes.

Then I found a pacifier under the crib. Not a big surprise, I just hadn't bothered to crawl under there to find it until today. Either way, it's another pacifier for the diminishing stockpile.

Pulling a toy telephone out from the toy box so that I can replace the batteries, I spy yet another pacifier! And then, as I move a few toys I find a second pacifier! Apparently, Dominic likes to stow them away with his toys. How orderly of him.

Then, putting away the diapers that Dominic had strewn all over the nursery floor, I find yes, you guessed it, another pacifier in the bottom of the basket.

Tickled pink with my miraculous findings, I stored the pacifiers safely away to be lost again one at a time.

But this was the real clincher. I got out the air pop popcorn maker from the bottom shelf of the hall closet and was about to make popcorn when I saw a star-shaped block sitting in the hole. So that's where that went. I pull it out and underneath is still another pacifier. No joke.

So, in one miraculous day, we went from one to seven pacifiers. There are still two lurking around...