Sunday, April 6, 2008

And then I lost them all

Today ranks just shy of miraculous.

First I found a pacifier under the couch, the couch I look under almost daily for little books, big books, and TV remotes.

Then I found a pacifier under the crib. Not a big surprise, I just hadn't bothered to crawl under there to find it until today. Either way, it's another pacifier for the diminishing stockpile.

Pulling a toy telephone out from the toy box so that I can replace the batteries, I spy yet another pacifier! And then, as I move a few toys I find a second pacifier! Apparently, Dominic likes to stow them away with his toys. How orderly of him.

Then, putting away the diapers that Dominic had strewn all over the nursery floor, I find yes, you guessed it, another pacifier in the bottom of the basket.

Tickled pink with my miraculous findings, I stored the pacifiers safely away to be lost again one at a time.

But this was the real clincher. I got out the air pop popcorn maker from the bottom shelf of the hall closet and was about to make popcorn when I saw a star-shaped block sitting in the hole. So that's where that went. I pull it out and underneath is still another pacifier. No joke.

So, in one miraculous day, we went from one to seven pacifiers. There are still two lurking around...

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