Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Son the Plumber

A few days ago I heard a little commotion in our bathroom and went to see what was the cause. Allow me to paint the scene for you:

I could see the profile of a chubby little boy looking very proud of the toilet plunger that he had sneakily managed to get (it's one of the disallowed items in our is the bathroom, actually) as he tried to climb into the stand up shower with it. About half-way into the shower, however, he just about lost his balance causing him to bend over at the waist, giving me a nice view of his little "plumber's" backside. All the while he never let go of the plunger.

I don't think he got disciplined for either offense this time because I couldn't stop laughing. At least I managed to leave the room without him seeing me. :)


  1. hahaha! I thought this post was funny when I first read it, but i'ts even funnier now because today I came into the bathroom and found Tommy with the toilet brush, trying to clean the walls (or floors?) with it. I guess our little boys are just attracted to the wonders of the bathroom!

  2. Amy! I ran across your blog (randomly, of course, per all web things)and had to post. Hopefully you remember me - Kate (formerly Sabott) from La Crosse/First Free youth group. How are you? I'd love to get in touch if you have time: my email is