Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Value of A Good Librarian

The value of a good librarian cannot be underestimated.

I am, in general, very easily intimidated by store personnel. I hate asking for help, religiously avoid stores that have "hoverers" (like The Buckle, Limited, and Motherhood Maternity), and refuse to buy anything at gas stations where items have no prices. Cashiers who comment on items you're purchasing bother me to no end, the gay man at the lotion kiosk in the center of the mall with his nail spiel, and most recently, the librarian who was a little too interested in my fine.

Fines should be things that you're informed of, you pay, and life moves on without mentioning it ever again. There should be no guilt involved--especially if you are paying the fine! There should be no dirty looks. There should be no suggestions on avoiding this fine in the future. Oh no, it should be left in the dust so that I may continue my patronage of the library without shame or cowardice. I have officially switched libraries because of this awkward situation--even though I have paid in full. Where I once went to the Middletown Free Library and had all of my reserved books sent there (about 5 a week), I have now taken my business and reserved books to the Aston Public Library. So you see, a good, gracious librarian, cannot be underestimated.

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  1. Indeed. After being spoiled by my last school's apparently stellar (I now realize) "Lib," I am constantly pained by the shortcomings of my new Library at GU. Now I know building aesthetic, 70s decor, and even poor lighting and noise can be forgiven, but when you actually learn to assume there's a 90% chance of the item you are looking for overdue, lost, "missing" (in the Library), mis-shelved, or in handling THEN, well....I'd say that's too much. What it does do, though, is really teach one to appreciate the occasional good employee - like the student worker today who actually searched on several behind-the-counter shelves to find what I wanted. By comparison at least, THAT'S a good librarian.