Monday, August 25, 2008

Afrin, the Miracle Drug

I was rather under the weather this last week, as was little Dominic. All thanks to his Uncle/Godfather... No, these things are just bound to happen, especially with two "immune compromised" individuals like a pregnant woman and a small child. But we're back, feeling better, and regaining our groove.

Under normal circumstances I often get sinus colds--in fact, I even did a post a while ago about the nature of sinus cavities and "sinusitis", so I won't rehash any of the gory details. For some reason, though, pregnant women are even more prone to sinus inflammation. Something with extra blood for the baby, maybe? So this cold just knocked me off my feet. I was miserable. Exhausted and yet, sleep was almost impossible because either I couldn't breathe, needed chapstick for my poor lips (since I was solely breathing through my mouth), or I felt like I was choking on phlegm. Sorry, I couldn't resist some gory details...

The only thing that got me through this latest attack upon my immune system was Afrin. I had first been introduced to Afrin in junior high by my best friend. She used it for her allergies and was an Afrin-holic, she had so many. I didn't suffer much then, and I had no allergies, so I thought of it only as an allergy nose spray.

Then my oldest brother, the one who should have been a salesman--he can convince you to buy just about anything he happens to be impressed by, regaled me with the wonders of Afrin. Two puffs in each nostril and you will feel like a different person in 30 seconds, guaranteed. I was a bit skeptical. I mean, I couldn't breathe out of my nose at all. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I was willing to put something into my nose only because it couldn't possibly be worse than how it already felt.

20 seconds later, no joke, I felt relief. It's hard to even put words to it. The mucus in my nose just "shrunk" and suddenly the air could get by! I have no idea how this works, but it was miraculous. And it lasted for ten hours of near bliss. Breathing. Sniffing. Relieving head pressure. Wow. I'm a believer.

Beware, though, you are only supposed to take Afrin for three days or you will become addicted.


  1. Whoa. Thanks for sharing. I am also prone to crippling sinusitis...I'll remember!

  2. Ahhh Afrin... Breathing is one of my favorite things, and I'll admit, I have been a "salesman" of this particular miracle drug since highschool, it's true (though not as good at it as some older brothers are). The addiction can be a problem though, and Afrin doesn't work so well on runny noses as it does on stuffy heads -- so true to my miracle-seeking nature I will share a little discovery that's been another miracle for me: Astelin. Same speed as Afrin (and the same delivery - bleh), and it works on the sniffles AND comes in eye drop form for itchy eyes! Breathe in? Nasal bliss. Once you don't have it, you suddenly can't live without it.