Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More January 2009 Pictures

Here you can see Dominic's first haircut and our trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We've been fighting off the winter blues (although winter here is "bliss" compared to MN winter!) by taking trips to the library for story hour, learning to jump into the pool at swimming lessons, and seeing all the fish, frogs, sharks, and puffins at the aquarium. We build gigantic lego towers and then make them "crash."  We read Harry, the Dirty Dog over and over and over.  We watch Winnie the Pooh at least once a day.  And we eat a lot of food, well, at least Dominic does.  He has even added salad to the list of foods he likes, asking for seconds and even thirds of a Caesar salad...  Cate is maintaining her petite little figure and is more of a "nibbler" than Dominic ever was.  As of this week, though, she matched up with Dominic's sleeping abilities-- she slept 7 1/2 hours each night, for the last four!  Here are some pictures so that you can feel like you're here with us.  We wish you were!

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