Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help! The Hose is Broken

My little "helper" was out with me again. This time, I had promised him that he could help me wash the car. It was a beautiful day, and our van was filthy from winter's salt. After chasing him around and clothing his enthusiasm in a bathing suit, we scamper outside. Then I hook up the hose and cross my fingers that the outside water is turned on because I have no idea where the lever is.

After an hour and a half of Dominic watering the driveway, dirt beds, and an occasional plant, I finish rubbing compound into the last scratch on my now sparkling silver bullet. Our Odyssey is ready to journey in style now. So as to not be the bad guy, I sneak over to the spiget while Dominic is making a big mud puddle and shut off the water, dashing to the van, away from the scene of the crime, before he can catch me.

To my relief, my plan works. He is distraught that the water has stopped, but doesn't suspect me. Through unalloyed sadness and tears, with the cutest pout you've ever seen, he holds the hose up to eye level and stares down the barrel of it. "Stuuckk!" he wails. "Broookenn, " he sniffs very loudly. Then, while still staring into it, he tries to fix it. With both of his chubby hands on the hose he determinedly announces, "Squeeeeze." When that fails, however, he holds the hose rather disinterestedly in one hand and says, rather conclusively, "battery." That is, quite obviously, it needs a new battery. After all, it's broken.

NB: According to Dominic, burnt out light bulbs are "broken" and need "battery".

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