Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three-year-old Dominic

...has a lot to stay and plenty of opinions to voice.
  • I don't like it.  I want to throw up in my tummy.
  •  I can't (finish his food) because I eat too much and my feelings will get hurt. 

We were walking to the park, and I was pointing out all the new life growing around us.
-See those bushes. They're blooming! 
-Where? Where are they blue?

Here's a longer story, but still amusing. It begins at bedtime, I'm putting him to bed and he overhears Matt talking on Skype in the other room about Notre Dame.
-Is Daddy talking about Notre Dame?
-What's he saying?
-He's talking about how we're going to go to Notre Dame to stay with Uncle Stephen and Aunt Sarah and Michael.  Would you like that?
-Yeah.  I would. I love them.
-And we will see Uncle Eli, Aunt Kathryn, Stephen, Eliana, Abigail, and the new baby very often. 
-The new baby!  I love the new baby!  
-Do you love babies, Dominic?
 (Out of curiosity, I just couldn't resist; no, no #3 on the way), Dominic, do you want Mommy and Daddy to have a new baby?
-Yeah.  I do!  (actually he got kind of excited here)
-But isn't Cate still a baby?
-(thinks for a minute)  No.
                                          ...She's a kid.

Next story. Cate was wearing a green bow to match her cute green skirt.
-I don't want her to wear that bow. Take it off.
-Why Dominic?  It's really nice.
-No.  I want her to wear the PINK one!

Yet another story. It was dinner time.  We were having some sort of pasta with vegetables and no salad.
-Mommy.  Can I have some salad? (At my slight resistance, he looked so very pathetic...) Please?
Well...I hadn't been planning on making salad but who can resist a 3 year-old's pleas for salad?  Wouldn't that make me bad mother extraordinaire?!
-And can it have carrots? and tomatoes? (more pathetic-ness) Please?
As you can imagine, he got his salad.

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