Saturday, May 15, 2010

San Giovanni in Laterano's most compelling sight

After slathering up with sunscream, as Dominic always insists on calling it, we headed out for another adventure.  It was misting away for the fourth day in a row, so we decided to treat ourselves right and take the "short bus" (also thanks to Dominic, fortunately this name holds no connotations for him yet) and head over to San Giovanni in Laterano, a famous, enormous and old church in Rome and then walk from there to the Roman Forum and the Mamertime Prison where Paul and Peter were held.  The church was quite a sight, although not my favorite as far as churches go.  A few too many plaster cherubim for my taste.  The cloister was very peaceful, though, and would be a beautiful place to make the rounds and pray or contemplate.  The highlight for the kids, however, was not the astonishing gold mosaic of the disciples, or the palm tree and roses in the cloister.  Quite naturally it was the handicap ramp on the front steps of San Giovanni.  After our picnic on the steps, they just climbed the steps and ran down the ramp for at least half an hour, laughing till their little bellies hurt and attracting quite a few amused onlookers.  I was fortunate enough to actually capture a little video of it for you...

As usual, we got a little lost on the way back from the church.  We made up for it by stumbling upon the Villa Celimontana, which has a great playground and made the kids far more happy (and tired!) than the Roman Forum or Prison would have.  So, we revised our plans and took our time wandering back home, past the forum and Palatine hill through the Galleria and Via del Corso, back to our quiet little apartment.  I enjoyed a very peaceful walk home, despite having tired, tired feet because my tired, tired children were both sleeping contentedly in our awesome stroller.  I even stopped for a cappuccino and cornetto and ate it all by myself, at my own pace (usually I have to eat things faster than I like so Dominic doesn't beg me for more of mine, whatever it is, he's sure to want it).

Enjoy the video!

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