Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home on Wednesday!

As homesick as we've been getting in Rome, it's crazy to believe that our time in Italy is actually almost over.  We've had a stream of visitors this last week, giving us a fellowship and a great chance to re-do all the best sites in Rome right before we leave.  It's amazing to see how much we've learned about Rome since moving here.  I remember the first time I came Vatican City with my parents in October and not knowing where anything was, not being sure if this building was the Vatican Museum, not knowing much about the basilicas, or the trains, and now, after living in Rome for seven weeks, I can give a tour virtually without a map.  It's really been quite an experience.  But we're ready to pack up and fly home on Wednesday morning.  We're ready for family.  For friends.  For English.  For big stuff.  For lots of space. For so many small things.  We are ready.  USA, see you soon!


  1. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! The United States of America is officially stoked that you're coming back this week. I think they're making a commemorative stamp or something.

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