Friday, February 29, 2008

Forgetful Blessings

I am unexpectedly getting paid for doing my normal household duties. Maybe it's a reward for work well-done. Maybe it's extra incentive to keep doing the everyday tasks. Or maybe it's just a blessing for those of us who can't remember everything.

You see, twice in this last week I have been doing undesirable chores that paid me back. First, I was cleaning out our car, vacuuming, shampooing carpets, dusting, etc. to get it all pretty for Lana when I found $5 under the seat (and a lost mug, book, pacifier, an abundance of change, and a few mismatched socks). Five unexpected dollars in my pocket and a sparkly car to show for my efforts, basically made my day. Then today I was looking under the couch and checking between the seat cushions--always hazardous--trying to find the missing key that Dominic managed to pull off of our old laptop, when I found $10 stuck into the fold of the slipcover/cushion. It was as if someone put it there just so that I would find it!

Have you ever found money in your winter coat when you pull it out in October, after it's been put away all summer? And then, after your exhilaration at finding the money wears off, or perhaps in your exhilaration, you think, maybe I should purposefully put money into my coat pocket so that I can find it later. It's a kind of exciting savings program. If I am this thrilled by finding $5 in my pocket, how would I feel if it were $20? or even $50 (gasp).

But there's one catch, it only works if you forget you left/put it there. So, for those of us who can't remember everything, at least we have this one perk...


  1. daaaang it. All we ever find is cheerios!

  2. You could come down and hide money in my room sometime, maybe? Then I wouldn't know that it was there and I would get all excited.