Friday, February 1, 2008

The Tub's Edge

Dominic's new favorite occupation--or perhaps preoccupation would be a better word for it--is with the bathtub and all of its accessories. Every time I sneak away from him to use the bathroom, leaving him in the living room, a bedroom, or even the kitchen, he is, without fail, waiting outside the bathroom door for me. Often times, he's not just waiting but pounding on the door with all of his chubby weight, trying to open the door to the forbidden "fun room". And so, if we, in our frail humanity, ever forget to close the door to temptation, Dominic's concupiscence inevitably will lead him there, to the edge of the tub.

Just yesterday I caught him in there again. I saw him "sneakily" crawling across the tile with his guilty fat legs, and I paused a moment to see what he would do if I did not interrupt his quest. He pulled himself up to the tub's edge with practiced ease, moved to the corner of the tub by quick little side steps and proceed to whack all of the bottles on the edge into the tub one at a time, gleefully (and guiltily, I like to think) laughing the entire time. Ah, the simple pleasures of life: the tub's edge and watching a little boy at the tub's edge.


  1. CUTE! You described the scene perfectly, Amy. I can envision his gleeful visage perfectly. It IS the simple things, after all...