Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dominic Hits The "Snackpot"

He toddles across the apartment, his chubby legs move his rolly little body, and his diaper crinkles at his every "stride". Often he struts about enjoying the pure pleasure of it; he is tickled by his newfound skill and utterly pleased with himself for walking as a biped. Now that he can walk around and bang two objects together (usually blocks or balls, but it is never limited to that, shoes, cups, coasters, lots of things will work), he thinks his little life just couldn't get better.

This particular time, however, he seems to actually have a purpose for his toddle across the apartment. Curious, I sit back to watch where mischief will take him. That's the nice thing about a small apartment, I can watch him play almost anywhere from just one comfy spot on the couch. Dominic moves out of the living room, past the easy chair, and through the dining room chairs, to his high chair. His high chair affords him plenty of entertainment aside from eating in it for hours every day. He has figured out how to push it around, he scatters the cheerios beneath it, or he plays behind it in his "cave". Today he does none of these. Instead he walks right up to it, full of purpose, and thrusts his chubby little hands into the seat of the high chair, to pull them back out laden with "snacks" which he promptly shoves into his mouth, giggling between his snacks. It seems that our little saver was thinking ahead and had dropped (intentionally?) a few snacks there 'for later'. Dominic hit the "Snackpot"--and scored big time.

Just to save my housekeeping image which is probably in shambles now, I would like to say for the record that I do clean his high chair frequently. Just not immediately after he eats because I get occupied with cleaning him up, changing a diaper, or doing dishes. But it's not typical that there are lots of "snacks" there for him. :)

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  1. I can just picture him with the mischievous look on his face---like his uncles were! He is definitely going to keep you on your toes.