Monday, March 17, 2008

Sell Your Old, Heavy, No Good Laptop

For $$$$

So I'm cleaning it Spring Cleaning (if you have a low view of "cleaning"). I went through the closet and took three garbage bags of stuff to the clothing drop box. Lots of old books are posted on, though I still haven't figured out what we'll do if they don't actually sell there. I'm even getting rid of tupperware! I'm telling you, all this junk is just getting on my nerves.

My latest purge is the old laptop that I bought during college. Except for threatening a "system failure" when I was trying to print a copy of my not-back-up thesis for my defense, it was a great computer. It had a few quirks, the g, h, and backspace would randomly stop working resulting in really funny e-mails where I said "i, ow are you? tins are ood ere." But now it's gone. I sold it to for a good price. They sent me a pre-paid box. I sent them the laptop. They sent me money. Not bad!

Now, do I sell Matt's old, angering me every day, every second computer too? Then take the proceeds and buy something that actually works? That's probably what we'll do. I hate computers.

Who knows what'll be next to go. Maybe Dominic. He is taking up more and more space and never stays tidy. In fact, he even makes everything else a mess. I think that'd solve most of my problem. Yes. Dominic has got to go. Any takers?

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  1. Ooh, ME!! I'll take him!

    Also, I went through my own closet for give-aways this weekend. So connected!