Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Stolen Funny

I'm sort of addicted to Danielle Bean's website...she's great. Anyway, her latest post was just too good not to copy for your amusement. Her daughter, Gabby, is five. Isn't this how life goes?

I just want my birthday cake to have a princess on it. Wearing a crown. And a sparkly dress. And then I want there to be a sunshine wearing sunglasses with a big smile. And of course lots of flowers with grass. And maybe some butterflies. And lots of fives, of course, because I am turning five. And don’t just write “Happy Birthday” on it, either. You should write “Happy Birthday to Gabby. Gabby is turning five. We love you, Gabby.” And don’t forget about the fives. Because I am turning five and it’s going to be my magic birthday.

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