Monday, September 1, 2008

Tricksy Dom

Dominic has a new trick in his bag of wiles. I haven't come up with a good name for it yet, but this is the form it usually takes. He'll take your hand in his little hand and while you're swooning over the fact that he is willingly holding your hand, he leads you somewhere or to something, then he places your hand on it and says, "Peash" (Please). Now this has been a doorknob that he can't reach, a cracker on the counter that he can see, or as of late, a forbidden item.

He seems to think that if he can get me to open that forbidden drawer with my hand, albeit without true thought, that he will get away with his own mischief. He tries to catch me unaware, blindly letting him lead. He's tried to get me to turn on the TV, hand him the computer mouse, let him drink from my coffee cup, and of course, type on the laptop.

Are they ever innocent?


  1. Oh, that's TOO cute.

    Innocent? Not so much.
    Entertaining? Definitely!

  2. Very wily. But somehow that picture of him sitting in a pot still says innocent to me! I guess that's the REAL trick!