Friday, November 14, 2008

Video: Big Brother Dominic

Here are some video clips of Dominic's reactions to his new sister, Cate. She also features in the film. :)  We are enjoying our sleepy little princess.  So far she has been a snuggly, cuddly little thing who only protests when she is hungry or cold.  Dominic seems to be adjusting well and often tries to soothe her by offering blocks, cheerios, and other "comfort" items.  It's pretty cute to watch.  Enjoy!


  1. Dominic is adorable, the baby is so tiny and gorgeous, and you are beautiful.

  2. How sweet. I almost choked on my coffee when he "discovered" Cate's nose. Oh, I wish I could be there.

    Marcy, you are RIGHT! Amy, you look gorgeous! You have set the standard WAY to high for those of us yet-to-be mothers. I only hope you'll coach me through :)