Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Anyone who has ever seen a commercial for the Snuggie, a hands-free blanket, and marveled at the innovation of our great nation, must read this little love letter to Snuggie. Incidentally, this little piece was written by a dear and talented friend from college. Enjoy!

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  1. Sharon, that was great. I'd almost leave TJ for this blanket, but I prefer a less clingy relationship : ) And SC is too warm for me to appreciate a wearable fleece blanket ; ) I would have studied so much more at school, though, if I had had this thing.
    Amy, I love your picture updates! And I love the new haircut, too! Cate and Dom are adorable - what a beautiful family you are! Excited at the prospect of seeing you later in the summer (I wonder if Kelly ever spoke to her ISI connection...). In the meantime, though, it really makes me feel like I'm staying connected to read your blog!

    Love to you all,