Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Right or Wrong?

So, when Matt's gone and it's just the kids and me, I turn to breakfast foods for dinner, which according to Matt is not a legitimate dinner option.  But, when it's just us, a quick and easy meal that even picky Cate devours is just the thing.

Today while Dominic was eating his Mickey Mouse  pancake, he pronounced, with all his four-year-old taste and authority, "These pancakes are delectable and yummy!"

Does this mean we're doing something right?  Or something seriously wrong?


  1. I basically always make breakfast for dinner on the evenings when Patrick won't be home. I think that there is nothing wrong with this, and here is why. When the husband is gone for the evening, it means that he is getting the night off from children / dishes, etc. duty. But it also means that the wife is doing everything alone. Therefore, it is only fair that the dinner you make should be easier. It isn't as if you are getting a break from cooking entirely, you are just doing something a bit easier. I approve of pancakes. =)

  2. Mickey Mouse Pancakes for dinner can only mean you're doing something right!! Mmm


  3. I don't mind breakfast for dinner. Amy is myth-making. :-)