Thursday, February 16, 2012

Piano Purchase

Phew!  What an exhausting purchase to make.  Well, not really to make, to get.  I saw it on Craigslist.  The price and location were right.  Even the picture looked right!  I called and drove out that day to look at it.  Bang.  Deposit.  Bang.  Then the hard part of figuring out how to get it.  Part of putting a deposit on it was so that there was no backing out--we had to figure out how to move it the 5 miles to our house.

First we were going to use 4 men and a pick-up, relying mainly on brute strength and then some ratcheting rope things that I picked up for the job.  On further thought and after several people expressed hesitation about this idea (not that the men aren't strong...just well, they're professors not engineers), the morning of the move I called both a moving company and Uhaul to see what options they had for us.  The moving company charged $300 and required 48 hours notice.  That was definitely out.  Uhaul had a truck available with a ramp and we could rent a dolly.  I pondered for a couple of hours and then decided that it was worth $60 to not be the cause of a professor or two putting his back out or my piano sliding out of the truck or fingers being sheared off (no joke, this happened to one of my grandpa's friends).  In the end, it was worth all the hassle.  I share with you the result.

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