Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dominic Funnies

I've been collecting some of the funny things that Dominic has said lately. Here's a little recap of them.

Apparently, he's been assimilating the word "awesome" into his vocabulary:
  • He is about to climb a rock in front of the Colosseum and tells me, "It'll be awesome, Mommy."
  • Same day: "Are you awesome, Mommy?"
  • Then curious if he'll respond, I ask him, "Dominic, are you awesome?"
  • "Yeah...I'm awesome."
  • Same day: "Grandpa, are you awesome?" Grandpa, "Not so much, no. Only God is awesome."
"Can you 'finger out' the tv?"

While smooshing a pillow with all the intensity he can muster, he tells us through gritted teeth, "I wanna break it".

"Mi scusi," he casually says to me, as he tries to open a cupboard.

In an extremely adult way, he says to Daddy, "Let's see what's on here(tv)."

Peering into his pull-up he declares, "There's a lot of money in there!" (I gather that this is because I had explained that they were expensive and cost a lot of he should use the potty...).

"Daddy, you gotta shave."

His most famous declaration of two-year-old will: "I want to not!".

"I gotta catch a bus" - when we were waiting for Matt so we could get on a bus.

"I give it for Catey. She loves me." - Dominic took cookies off the counter. He took one for himself and one for her.

Cate folded her hands at dinner, during the prayer. Dominic looks at her and announces, "Cate prayed a little bit. Yay!" And then he claps for her.

Dominic sneezed a hearty sneeze, leaving little droplets on the floor. He tells me, "There's God-bless-yous there on the floor."

In the middle of the night he somewhat anxiously said, "I gotta find grandma. I gotta find her."

I told Dominic he couldn't have any more juice. A few hours later he's playing with the broken phone in our apartment and starts talking into it. "Grandma," he says, "Can you bring me some juice?...And kalua (granola)?" Then he put in another call to Uncle Stephen. "Unco? Can you bring me some juice?"

When we were talking about my parents coming to Italy, I told Dominic that Grandpa was coming on the airplane in a few days. Dominic says, excitedly, "Grandpa is coming. He's bringing his mower to me."


  1. oh. I miss you all. Give Dominic and Cate hugs from me. Tell him he is awesome!

  2. Oh, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. The pull up comment is the best... but it's quite close.

  3. He is too funny!!! Mi scusi :)

    Happy belated to your bella bambina!

  4. These are great! I can even hear the intonation in his voice.

  5. Those were definitely laugh out loud funny!!