Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I miss Most About Home

This is sort of a pre-Thanksgiving post. While it could be considered to be a list of gripes about Italy, more important, it's a list of things I'm thankful for in the United States. As I was composing my list, I realized that most of them are matters of efficiency. Apparently, that's pretty important to me. I guess that's not surprising being an American and growing up with the 'Protestant' work-ethic. So, here's my list of American 'thankfuls'. I think tomorrow I'll do a list of my 'thankfuls' for Italy.
  • Family
  • Good friends with longstanding history
  • Knowing how everything works and where to find stuff
  • Whole turkeys at Thanksgiving
  • Cranberry sauce (cranberries are impossible to find)
  • Unlimited and free water at restaurants, ice
  • Second-hand stores, especially for kids clothes
  • 4-burner stove (we only have two)
  • Unlimited energy (we can only run either the burners or one burner and the "oven" or the power blows)
  • Fast internet and wireless(we have a single ethernet cord, and the internet powered by crippled hamsters)
  • Stocking up at supermarkets (going to the grocery store everyday was quaint at first, now it's a little archaic)
  • Being able to hop in the car and drive from point A to point B (not having to walk to a bus station, take the bus, take the train, take another bus, and then walk some more, especially with the kids)
  • Target (everything affordable, easy to find, and all in one building!)
  • The freezer (other Italians do have these)
  • Free shipping on
  • My sharp butcher knife and sharpener
  • Living space and multiple bedrooms

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  1. I would miss all of these things, too. You are helping me be thankful for them, so thank you.

    I'm so proud of you. Looking forward to our date tomorrow.