Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last year

Last year at this time, we were smack dab in the middle of our Italian sojourn.  Month 5/10.  Matt's parents had come bringing us needed replenishments of over-the-counter medicines, new toys, and larger clothes for the kids.  We were off for a week-long vacation in Florence with side trips to Siena and Pisa. It was a time of exploration and excitement.  Sometimes I miss the novelty of our surroundings and the unexpected nature of everyday.   I miss the delicious cappuccino and the chink of cups wafting in our window.  I miss the mild weather, which allowed us to get to the park and piazza every day.  I miss hearing the lilt of Italian everywhere.  And, during my recent illness, I missed the tiny apartment with its convenient proximity of the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living room

But that missing is pretty short-lived.  The nostalgia for the tiny apartment only extends that far.  When I have at least half my normal energy, or when the kids have all of their energy, that apartment sounds as awful as it often was.  Dominic put it well as he was singing and spinning yesterday.  "I love Mommy...and our house is beautiful..."  Oh, I guess the first part wasn't totally relevant, but I thought it was quite charming.  So I made myself a cappuccino this morning in my Italian moka on the gas stove, while I enjoyed heating up the normal milk in the microwave.  Then I checked my e-mail on the fast and reliable internet.  And I put on Sesame Street in English for the kids while I took a warm shower in a shower with a door and water pressure.  Shortly, I'll load the kids up in our car and drive to story time.   Sure, those memories from last year have turned sweeter with time, but life in America is pretty great.

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