Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh, the things kids say

Dominic, almost four now, is extremely verbal but still manages to amuse us with lingering mistakes.  I record some of them for your here for your pleasure and our memories.

  • "Catie, would you do me a favorite?" 

  • Upon eating potato salad that had that quintessential vinegary taste:  "I can't eat it. It's destroying my mouth."

  • Shutting the door on Cate while she was in the bathroom: "She needs her pridacy."

  • "Here, take these cards and shuggle them."  And also, "Can I go outside and shuggle the snow?"

  • Dominic finished painting his first picture.  As usual I asked, "what is it?" fully expecting his usual answers of "stripes" or "polka dots" or "green".  To my surprise, he had actually painted something specific.  "It's Papa (Grandpa Gaetano) making a mess and being buried in toys!"

  • "Can we watch Bugs Rabbit?"

  • "Mommy, I can't find the 'clause' button on the 'mote."

  • "I know how to finger it out!"

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