Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ship out the Shape-Ups

Have you seen these Sketchers that have recently become the latest rage?

The Shape Ups.  

Really they're tennis shoes fused to those thick-bottomed, weird shoes that people over seventy wear. 

Don't they look a bit like those shoes for diabetics, the ones sold at medical supply stores?  I've got no beef with elderly wearing these shoes, they've earned their license.  Not to mention that the extra grip, support, and overall ease, are probably necessary for their well being.  But curved athletic shoes with a thick bottom that are sanctioned to wear with any outfit because of the marvels they do for your body as they simultaneously tone the legs, hips, and butt?   Who gave license for young people to wear old-people shoes under the guise of "toning" shoes?  Not okay.

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